Skyy Level Group Fitness
2130 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60608, USA

$120 -VIP Package

(All inclusive)

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​​$79 Challenge Only

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​4 challenge classes available per week 

Mondays 9am, Tuesdays 7:45pm, Tuesdays 5pm, Saturdays 1pm

3 Sunday Challenge Classes

Clean & Raw Nutrition information

4 Convenient class times available

(No make up classes)

Required at home workout regiment (video)

Meal Prep and Nutrition Support

Lifestyle support events

VEGA Protein Powder

SKYY​ Challenge T-SHIRT or TANK


**Challenge participants must commit to 3 workouts per week. Workout can be completed via video, however must be complete within each 7 day cycle. Challenge shirts are to be worn on challenge class days and Sunday workouts. Virtual participants are required to download "DUO" Google app for video workout sessions. A challenge waiver must be complete before participation in any Skyy Level Challenge activity. Results may vary. Full compliance to 6 week regiment will yield best results. Food allergies and prior injuries, chronic pain or medical conditions MUST be disclosed prior to activity. Seek physician approval for high impact and max cardio activity prior to sign-up. Skyy Level Group Fitness will not refund any participants after April 30, 2017. Upgrades to Platinum will not be accepted after April 23, 2017 to qualify for Platinum member discount. Please note that activity at this level can result in physical injury, nausea, fainting or hyperventilation. 

​Segments of our program will be filmed or photographed for promotional purposes. 

GOT QUESTIONS? WE GOT ANSWERS Contact us at 312-391-6768 for more information.